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What Labs Should You Consider for kids with Autism, ADHD.....?

Many families ask about requesting lab testing for their kids and what to order.

First, we should consider implementing a healthy lifestyle consisting of a whole-foods organic diet minimizing sugar, refined carbs, and refined fats, getting our kids to exercise, enforcing abundant sleep, and removing any toxins from the home environment such as mold, plastics, and unhealthy household cleaners and personal care products.

But, what if you’re not seeing improvement and can’t figure out why your child is not doing well or not making progress?

See your practitioner to see if there’s something they can find such as an ear infection, a distended belly, abnormal tonsils, etc., since many of our kids can’t express their symptoms.

If the practitioner can’t figure it out based on history and physical exam, testing can be ordered, and you can discuss getting conventional testing done such as:

· CBC- checking for anemia or infection. · CMP- evaluates kidneys, liver, and for electrolyte imbalances. · Thyroid panel (TSH, T3, T4)- thyroid hormonal imbalances can cause many physical and behavioral symptoms. · CRP- tests for inflammation in body although we may not know where it’s stemming from · Vitamins B12 and Folate- deficiencies can cause neurological symptoms. · Vitamin D- common deficiency that can affect immune system and cause neurological symptoms. · Cholesterol- in many cases, it’s low and we need cholesterol to support all of the cells in our body. · Iron- low levels can affect development. · Zinc and Copper- some of our kids have low zinc and high copper levels which can affect immune and neurologic systems. · RAST testing- looking for environmental and food allergies that could affect behavior.

Here are functional labs tests if you’re seeing a functional/MAPS practitioner that can be requested:

· Urine organic acid test (OAT)- this tests for metabolic waste that is excreted from the body and evaluates for gut health, mitochondrial dysfunction, brain neurotransmitters, detox markers, and nutrient deficiencies. · GI Effects or GI-MAP- evaluates the gut which is abnormal in up to 80% of our kids. · Food IgG testing- tests for food sensitivities and intolerances which will cause leaky gut leading to inflammation. · Hair Elements- will for the most common heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium which are all toxic to the nervous system. · MycoTox- will evaluate for mold toxins which can wreak havoc on our kids.

From my experience, these labs have yielded the most information, however each child is unique and there needs to be a personalized approach.

Lab work can help guide treatment for our kids, especially if we can’t figure out why they’re regressing or not making progress.


Original article from Hope Health&Wellness

Written by Larry Miller

Gabriela Ana / Luz Infinita

Holistic Health Coach

+34 604 398 948

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