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AYURVEDA WORKSHOP - The Wisdom of Life

AYURVEDA WORKSHOP - The Wisdom of Life


Online format, via zoom

Start: XXXX 2022

Duration: XX from XX to XX hours and from XX to XX hours.

Price: XXX euros


Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India that offers proven guidance for a life of  happiness, vitality, love and purpose.


This workshop will provide you with tools to improve your physical and emotional well-being  through your conscious choices, living the nurturing connection between  body, mind and spirit.




  • The concepts of prakuti and  vikruti.
  • Body mind and spirit, multidimensional life.
  • The five elements and the 3 doshas vata pita and kapha.
  • Discover your doshas and learn applicable self-care techniques
  • Guidelines for a healthy appetite and strong digestive fire
  • Create balance with food, practical recipes and menus
  • meditation and  pranayama, breathing techniques to improve health
  • Free ebook with recipes and meditations: healing through sound, touch, sight and taste


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