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Hi, I'm Gabriela Ana.

Holistic Health Coach

Stories can be keys that unlock our broken hearts

and invite and inspire us to trust and love again.


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paisaje de argentina

I was born in Argentina. I grew up during the military dictatorship in a country where chaos and uncertainty were usual.


Like many of us, my childhood was challenging and traumatic. And, like many of us who have suffered abandonment, betrayal, and deep trauma, I spent my life looking for external validation. 


I put on many masks, played many roles, bent over backward to fit into a society that I did not understand, and little by little, I disconnect from my true self.


But life is wise and, sooner or later, shakes you so that you wake up.

Have you always done everything to meet others people's needs? 


To feel accepted and loved?


To accept the unacceptable for fear of abandonment?




After looking for answers in traditional medicine, and feeling tired and hopeless I discovered functional medicine, yoga , meditation, and many ancestral techniques of healing that start healing me deeply and truly.

And the magic of these transformation processes is that there is no turning back once you start. So I decided, consciously, to work on myself from the root of problems and rebirth. 


Was it fun? No, it was excruciating. But it was worth every second and every tear because when you dare to feel and face your fears, you discover your infinite potential and authentic Self.


I felt compassion for my condition and myself. My perspective changed: from extreme despair to deep faith that there was a better way.


And I began to realize that I was destined for something much bigger than a lifetime of suffering and pain.

So I decided to commit myself more to my happiness than my suffering. As a result, today, I live a life where I genuinely enjoy every experience.

“I believe that not only is trauma curable, but the process of  healing

can be a catalyst for a profound awakening”

Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.

Luã Araújo ☽ @lulafilmmaker. Visual arts. ☽ International Cinematographer



An compassionate, authentic and kind presence to support you in your healing path.


I will provide you with powerful tools to face  fear and live a beautiful life:  a roadmap to help you along the way  back to your true self.


A path that requires courage, but where will you find an immense  beauty.  Get ready for uplifting conversations, significant changes in perspective and experience a state of optimal health and vitality.

Once a beautiful soul taught me two magic words,

in a very ancient language, that changed my life forever:




Sat means truth, the reality of one's existence.

naam  means identity.


It is a bij (or seed) mantra

Inside the seed  is contained all the knowledge of the tree entirely  developed. So chanting this mantra awakens the soul and gives you your destiny.  Since then I have started my way back to my true  home, and identity and today I give it to you as a gift.

With love,  

Gabriela Anna

Some magic tools that I have learned













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