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By Gabriela Ana:

Casa Ceres

A journey for the soul to remember who we are from our essence, without conditioning and limitations.


A space where I will share with you all the tools that have guided and helped me along my path so that you can develop your own wisdom and the best version of yourself.


If you have a mind you have a mission!

Hello, I am Gabriela Ana and it is an honor to invite you to participate in this  membership .   An infinite journey to remember who we are from our essence, without conditions and limitations.


We are all born with a mission or purpose. If you have a mind, you have a mission. Do you know yours? Would you like to discover it?  A journey of the soul , to transform, as alchemists that we are,  our deepest pains and reach our maximum  potential. When you transmute obstacles into medicine, you create an alchemy that  empowers you and faces daily challenges.


In this membership, I will share everything I have learned in my healing path and invite a powerful team of international experts in psychology, medicine, science, nutrition and spirituality.


You'll find  the best tools to build a better, healthy, prosperous and abundant life. Real and practical tools to be able to manifest your desires, goals and dreams.


This membership will allow you to connect with an international community and accompany you on this transformation journey.  So this is my invitation to you.  Because I believe in you and I know that  you can get through any challenge with the right tools.


Infinite possibilities and extraordinary moments await you.


Gabriela Anna  


Exclusive Membership

By Gabriela Anna
Holistic Health Coach

Thank you for your message!

We start in June 2022. 
Yes, sing up!


Casa Ceres

  • Live events every week

  • Integrative Nutrition

  • Healthy recipes and menus

  • Ayurveda

  • Yoga and Meditation classes

  • Naad Yoga Classes

  • Exclusive access to our Library 

  • Access to a Private Facebook group


  • Team of medical professionals for online consultations

  • Free conferences and workshops

  • Special discounts

  • Astrology

  • Aromatherapy

  • Music

  • Dance

    and much more!

Some examples of

Surprises that await you!


Gabriela Anna 


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