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Awareness, intention and attention are mental tools

How it can help you be well

Awareness, intention and attention are mental tools with the potential to make powerful positive change in our wellbeing.

How do these tools work?

Our awareness needs to include not only our physical environment, but also the subtle energies that surround us. Our thought and emotional fields are subtle energy fields. Subtle energies impact the body for good or for ill. They can cause us problems because we are not always aware of them. While the usual, more obvious things in life get our attention pretty quickly, the subtle things do not. But they are the precursors to both our state of health, and our wellbeing.

For example, we may be very aware of the obvious symptoms of indigestion, but not very aware of the minor stresses in our lives. It is these minor stresses that may have a negative impact on our health and lead to the indigestion. On the other hand, we may be aware that we are having a perfectly wonderful day and feeling on top of it all, but we may not be equally aware of the beauty, clarity, and synchronicity of spirit that have converged here and at this point in time to make it so. Depending on the qualities of our thought/emotion energy fields, we help to allow the dis-ease and/or well-being that we experience.

The good news is that the subtle energies around us respond to our intention and attention. We can direct them, re-direct them, teach them. Subtle energies respond to us.

Meditation practice

Try this. Sit comfortably in a chair. Quiet your mind and thoughts. Take several deep breaths to fully expand your lungs. Just relax. Now think warmth into your left hand. Do this for two or three minutes. Do you notice the palm of your hand, and possibly the whole hand, feeling warmer? Most people do. You are directing energy with your thoughts.

Once you are good at directing warm energy, try running it all through your body. Cause it to linger in whatever body part may need more of it. Feel loving and appreciative during this time. Your intention is causing the energy flow and your attention for fifteen or twenty minutes will keep it moving in a positive way. This meditation practice can be healing. If you make it a daily practice, it will do much to counter the many little stresses that are part of your daily life. This practice is a preventive treatment that can help you create a natural state of well-being.

by Carol Winkfield, PhD

Carol Winkfield, PhD is a researcher in the areas of spirituality and natural health, a spiritual teacher, and an ordained interfaith minister with a doctorate in natural health. Original article:

With love,

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach

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