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Life is constant transformation.

Reconnect - Rebirth

We are butterflies giving birth to a new and better version without denying, however, our shadows nor what we were. When you cultivate a meditative mind, you tune into the infinite, that which does not die. And if we take it to simple mathematics 0 x any number is always zero. Infinite.

The only way not to be trapped between the negative mind that, for example, makes you feel insecure and positive mind that will find thousands of reasons to explain and sustaining that insecurity is moving into a neutral state of mind, which we, yogis, we call it Shuniya, the zero point. Where yesterday's waste does not rule today. Practice sitting in meditation, close your eyes, inhale deeply, focus on your third eye, open your heart chakra and go to that Shuniya space.

Go to zero. To that space, there is nothing else to do.

You are your wisdom keeper.

Cultivate that space more and more. So when more late in the day a problem arises, or you become obsessed with your bank account, or overwhelmed, remember to inhale deeply and return to that space.

It is incredibly powerful because in that space you access your essence and the cosmos. Transcend the moment with your own wisdom, which is shunya, emptiness and neutrality. Realize that what created you is perfect and you are perfect. Access that perfection.

You need to feel it. To reconnect with your core.

You become your own teacher.

And learning how to access that sacred, infinite space in YOU, and cultivate this emptiness will give you access to union . Tune your mind and heart with the cosmos.

Life is a process. It is a process with purpose and meaning. It is a function of Universe. It is the present action of an eternal activity. Sometimes, to be happy in the present moment you have to be willing to give up all hope for a better past.

Complete happiness is something that we all seek and long for. Many times we confuse happiness with pleasure. But true happiness comes from our interior and union with the Infinite.

The state of full Bliss is called Ananda, and many of the yogic practices seek reach a state of union.

Winds of change, the body also has its seasons.

But the soul is free.

Free to believe and create.

Free to think and stop doing it.

Free to feel or repress.

Free to love or hold your breath, lower your heartbeat to a minimum.

Free from having faith or becoming small.

Free, free, free!

Free to be and do.

Free to change or maintain.

There is nothing more powerful than a conscious soul.

Aware that he/she is free.

May you never forget:

You are a free soul.

You really begin to heal when you surrender, when you forgive others, but above all you forgive yourself everything. And you realize that every breath is resurrection, every day you can start again. New, from your heart, from your soul.

Don't waste time trying to understand why, who or what. Just inhale and know grateful.

Because you have the opportunity in every breath to feel joy, bliss and perfection that you already are and that you always will be. Don't waste any more time blaming yourself or others. Simply invite your soul to join you in this human experience.

Ask, to your soul to help you open your heart and surrender.


Trust your soul and be happy.

Happiness is when emotion turns into devotion.

When everything in your life is Governed by Compassion.

That's what this whole life is about, transforming emotion into devotion.

Be yourself!

With love

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach


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