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I suppose it's because I'm a mother for the first time and this has completely revolutionized me, and I can't do anything other than write about what I'm experiencing.Pregnancy is a revolution, a re-evolution of love, of life, of mixed emotions...there are so many changes on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that that is why I feel, appreciate and share the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda as accompaniment at this important time for women. Yoga has been in my life for many years so it was natural for me to continue with my practice, not as demanding as before, nor as often, but to maintain the flow of the body and energy through the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing).

Many women have never practiced yoga before pregnancy and at that moment they feel that call, either because their soul asks them to or because many friends have recommended it to them, and well, as they always say, it is never too late to start! Pregnancy can be a good time to start connecting your body and experience the benefits of Yoga.

There are many asanas that help during pregnancy, some are very subtle and easy to do, you do not need a super yogic body, more than anything consistency and awareness when doing them, that is why I encourage you to practice, even if you have never done it before.


For me, the Sun Salutation is the best way to start a Yoga routine. While pregnant, there are small modifications that you can make to be able to perform the exercises without causing problems in your back and without putting pressure on your belly. A round of 6 greetings gives heat and energy to your body, revitalizes you and activates your entire being. It is important to do them at your own pace, not to pressure yourself with time and always maintain a deep breath, accompanying each posture.The recommended asanas during pregnancy are balance ones, all those that help open the hips and those that relax the lower back.

Breathing and oxygenation is very important in pregnancy, your body increases blood levels to nourish your baby well and this blood needs good oxygenation .”


There are many Pranayama practices that encourage the entry of more oxygen into your body, but during pregnancy it is advisable not to do any that involve air retention in the lungs. All practices should be fluid inhalation and exhalation, so that your baby never lacks oxygen, like the Anuloma Viloma alternate breathing.

Always end your practice with relaxation and meditation, choosing the position that is most comfortable for you. Sometimes, when lying on their back, some pregnant women do not feel well. If this is your case, look for a position in which you can sit and relax to integrate the energy that has moved and to connect with your baby. While sitting cross-legged, or lying on the floor, you can put your hands on your belly and connect with the little one who is growing and send him/her all that energy with love.


Ayurveda as a Science of Life gives great importance to the well-being of women during pregnancy. It is the moment where life itself is developing within you, so it needs all the care and attention at all levels so that that small being manifests itself in this world full of health, and has an auspicious and long life.

For this, Ayurveda gives us advice and guidelines on what is and what is not advisable to do as a routine:

✓ Prefer nutritious, digestive and fortifying foods

✓ Self-massage your body with sesame oil or coconut

✓ Avoid uncomfortable or long trips

✓ Perform gentle and energizing exercises such as Yoga

✓ Do not drink alcohol or smoke, sex in moderation

✓ Take daily nature walks

✓ Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun that aggravates Pitta, preferring the early morning and evening hours

✓ Avoid getting wet in the rain and staying in humid places, as they aggravate Kapha

✓ Do not expose yourself to drafts, which aggravate Vata

✓ Avoid showers that are too cold or too hot, with the exception of cold water on the genitals and extremities, which help distribute energy.

✓ Be in calm places and with loved people, avoiding negative emotional states

✓ Wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferring light colors

Ayurveda recommends the consumption of ghee and shatavari. The latter is considered the best companion herb for women, which during pregnancy helps with good pregnancy for those who have suffered from previous losses and during breastfeeding promotes good milk production. In addition to helping with the emotional changes that many of us feel at this time, since it has phytoestrogens that act as a hormonal regulator.


Indiaveda was born with the hope of sharing the ancestral wisdom of India in a modern and accessible way, allowing the knowledge, herbs and accessories related to Ayurveda and Yoga to reach more people interested in leading a healthy and conscious life.

In collaboration with Indiaveda. Use the code INFINITA for discounts.< /em>

Thank you Indiaveda!!!

Gabriela Ana / Luz Infinita

Holistic Health Coach

+34 604 398 948


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