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Yarrow is one of my favorite plants, and its uses are legion. It makes a nice cooking spice, effective bug spray, slows bleeding, brings down temperatures and activates the immune system, soothes sore throats, supports the digestive system, and promotes labor. Not only that, it’s a beautiful plant with lovely, usually white flowers and feathery leaves.

Yarrow has a place of honor in Greek mythology as the plant in whose waters Thetis bathed Achilles. According to the Greek myth, Yarrow gave the hero, Achilles, its protective powers to make him invincible wherever the herbal bath had penetrated his skin, and in turn, Achilles healed his wounded soldiers with Yarrow. Yarrow’s official botanical name is Achillea millefolium, Achilles’ thousand-leaved plant.

Arnica Infused Oil


Dried arnica flowers

Olive, grape seed, or almond oil


  • Fill a clean, sterilized glass jar half full with dried arnica flowers.

  • Add oil to cover arnica. Poke arnica with a chopstick to release air bubbles and allow oil to coat every nook and cranny. Fill the remaining volume of the jar with oil.

  • Set in a warm, dark place to steep for 4-6 weeks, shaking every few days.

  • Strain oil through several layers of cheesecloth into a clean jar, pressing on herb material to release every last drop of infused oil.

  • Compost the arnica flowers and label your arnica infused oil.

By Nina Katz – Herbalist

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