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CALM - Amazonite Mala

CALM - Amazonite Mala


Handmade Sacred Crystal Jewelry: 108 Beads Mala with Amazonite and Rudraksha

Discover the calming and loving properties of Amazonite with our Calm Mala.

This special mala is designed to give you a moment of tranquility and help you connect with your inner self. Handcrafted from genuine Amazonite beads, this mala is more than a piece of jewelry - it's a tool for mindfulness and spiritual growth.


Amazonite, a sacred crystal of the Amazonian people, is known for its calming properties. Helps calm anxiety and promote a feeling of peace and harmony. This crystal also balances the throat and heart chakras, promoting clear communication and fostering relationships.  Whether you are looking to add a touch of calm to your daily routine or explore mindfulness and spiritual growth, our Amazonite Calm Mala can be a supportive accessory on your journey.


Experience the benefits of Amazonite for yourself with our Calm Mala. 


This piece is a favorite of our customers and we hope you love it as much.




Rudraksha is the seed of a particular species of tree and plays an important role in the life of a spiritual seeker, it has a very unique vibration. Rudraksha has been used since ancient times in India for its healing properties.




  • The 108 precious sacred Amazonite and Rudraksha seed beads are meditatively strung by hand; The beads measure around 7.5mm each.

  • Our YAM pendant is made of solid sterling silver and has our YAM symbol written on it, 

  • This beautiful mala necklace measures 54cm and reaches the solar plexus-navel area on a person of average height.

  • It comes clean, loaded, and beautifully wrapped without plastic, ready for gifting (you can include a note if you like).

  • A description of its crystal healing properties is included.


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