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15 Top Brands For Organic Cotton Clothing (2024)

We’ve worn and loved cotton basics from many sustainable clothing brands over the years — these are our top picks for organic, cotton pieces that offer a variety of sizes and have lasted the test of time.

Grown without toxic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs — all of which are proven to harm the environment, farmers, and producers — organic cotton is a healthier, more eco-conscious alternative to non-organic textile materials. Choosing organic cotton clothing has us feeling comfy as we support sustainable practices — and excited as we stock up our closets with long-lasting high-quality gems we look forward to wearing each and every day!

Why wear organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton is not only better for our planet and for producers of cotton clothing, it’s healthier for consumers too. Exposure to pesticides can cause a range of health issues — from headaches and nausea to long-term chronic illnesses including cancer, reproductive damage, and endocrine disruption. Wearing organic cotton clothing is the preferred choice for the betterment of our health, wellness, and sustainability of the planet. 

Our criteria:

Our team has a decade of experience wearing and researching sustainable clothing brands, and we’ve used that experience to select the best brands offering nontoxic cotton basics. We regularly update this list with new favorites that meet our criteria.

  • ORGANIC | These sustainable clothing brands provide high quality organic cotton garments that are free from pesticides and fertilizers. 

  • AFFORDABLE | We’ve included a range of brands that offer organic clothing at a variety of price points, including more affordable options. 

  • DURABLE | Each of these organic cotton clothing items is made with durable fibers that are soft, strong, and feel like new even after washing. 

  • SIZE INCLUSIVE | Many of these brands feature petite and plus size clothing options so we can all enjoy the benefits that organic cotton clothing has to offer! 🎉 

From the shores of Santa Cruz to the mountains of Colorado to the hills of the UK, here are the best fashion brands for sustainable and ethically produced organic apparel.

And for more sustainable clothing selections, check out our guides on kids clothes, baby clothes, and underwear for safe and high-quality organic clothing.  

1. Pact

Best For | Affordable fair trade basics

Natural Materials | GOTS-certified organic cotton

Price Range | $–$$Size Range | XS–3XL

Pact is committed to creating clothes that make the world a better place. The socially conscious company goes to great lengths to ensure its entire supply chain — from the growing and harvesting of organic cotton to the final sewing of garments — is as clean and responsible as possible. And because it ships internationally, you can shop Pact from anywhere for its super-soft tees, dresses, and underwear made with pesticide-free organic cotton. BRB, going to shop.

2. MATE the Label

Best For | Essentials made in the USA

Natural Materials| 100% organic cotton

Price Range | $$Size Range | XS–3X

From tees and tanks to shorts and sweatshirts, MATE the Label only uses natural and nontoxic materials when crafting its apparel, like low-impact dyes, certified organic cotton, and Tencel. The company keeps its carbon footprint small too as its factory is 17 miles from its headquarters, meaning all pieces are sewn, dyed, and shipped from LA. The packaging is entirely made from recycled materials, and there’s a recycling program in place for old pieces. If you want comfy classics in bold yet inviting colors, look no further than MATE.

MATE Review | “Lightweight & soft ! Feminine & slightly flowy. Very flattering!! Love it!! Perfectly made.. Perfect! I need one in every color!” – Andrea D. (See all reviews)

3. Organic Basics

Best For | Underwear & tanks

Natural Materials | Organic cotton

Price Range | $$–$$$Size Range | XS–XXL

Certified B Corp Organic Basics is all about eco-friendly essentials that will last, including adult undergarments, basic tees and tanks, and cozy leggings. Born out of Denmark in 2015 (but available to ship worldwide), these sustainable basics are not only ethical but are also low on waste and impact. These are perfect if you’re on the go, especially because their breathable fabrics keeps you fresh wear after wear. Our kind of basics.

Organic Basics Review | “I adore this tank top. It’s so comfortable and the cut is very flattering. Regret not purchasing more in other colors because I want to wear it all the time now!” – Sarah K. (See all reviews)

4. Outerknown

Best For | Organic outerwear

Natural Materials | Organic cotton, regenerative organic cotton

Price Range | $$–$$$Size Range | XS–XXL

Started by professional surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown wants you to experience the great outdoors — while also protecting it. OK champions sustainable and organic materials, fair labor, and the circular economy (and aims to make 100 percent of its products circular by 2030!). If you’re not sure where to start, check out OK Ten, the brand’s best-selling pieces including a no-fuss jumpsuit, layering flannel, and a blanket shirt jacket. They’re cozy, conscious, and curated for outside adventures.

Outerknown Review | “Softest and best fitting t-shirt I have had in probably never. Buy this… It’s worth it.” – Luis (See all reviews)

5. Kotn

Best For | Egyptian cotton clothing

Natural Materials | 100% Egyptian cotton, GOTS-certified ECOTEC cotton

Price Range | $$–$$$Size Range | XXS–XXL

For timeless designs that make a lasting positive impact, we look to Kotn. With the fourth-highest B Impact score across all clothing brands in North America, Kotn is serious about investing in sustainable growth within the Egyptian communities they work with, and beyond. The company not only builds schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt, they pay their workers above market value for cotton and provide subsidies when cotton market conditions are struggling. While not every item is organic, Kotn’s namesake Egyptian cotton is sourced from smallholder family-run farms, and each of their other fabrics are sourced from certified organizations like BCI, GOTS, RWS, and GRS. For capsule wardrobe worthy pieces, Kotn is your go to.

Kotn Review | “Ordered this shirt for myself (female) usually size xs/s in Women’s and it was a PERFECT fit. Just oversized enough. The fabric is thick and structured – I can tell it’s very well-made. 10/10 recommend!” – Kristen A. (See all reviews)   

6. Yes Friends

Best For | Premium yet affordable basics

Natural Materials | Organic Cotton

Price Range | $–$$Size Range | XXS–4XL

Yes Friends started in the UK with the mission of making organic, sustainable, and fair trade clothing affordable without compromising its integrity. Their solution is purchasing in large quantities from sustainable solar-powered factories in India, and selling directly without the middle person in order to keep costs accessible and production ethical. Yes Friends also ensures garment workers receive more than a living wage through their pioneering bonus program. With organic, premium basics like sweatshirts, t-shirts, denim and underwear available in a variety of everyday colors, you can be sure you’re filling your closet with safe, eco-friendly clothing that supports an ethical brand without compromising your wallet! 

Yes Friends Review | “So impressed with this sweatshirt! Thick, luxurious, soft, spongy material. Very comfortable. Feels great to wear and also feels so good to know that the people that made it have been paid fairly. Proof that high quality ethical clothing can also be affordable!” – Tom P. (See all reviews)

7. Thought

Best For | Women’s workwear

Natural Materials | Organic cottonPrice Range | ££–£££Size Range | UK 6–20 (US 2–16)

Thought is a natural clothing company with a simple philosophy—to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. The UK brand sells organic cotton, bamboo, hemp clothing for adults that are all available to ship internationally. Thought ensures ethical working conditions and fair wages for its employees and has developed long-lasting relationships with its factories and suppliers. We love the workwear-ready dresses and tops!

Thought Review | “I’ve been looking into sustainably sources clothes and Thought came up as one of the more affordable options. I ordered a dress and when it came it was just perfect – so well made and such a lovely cut, it was like it had been made for me. You can instantly see that it’s high quality so I expect to get a lot of use out of it. Delivery was fast and my order was well packaged (without having unnecessary packaging) so I went back online and ordered another dress I’d been thinking about. I’ll be a regular customer from now on.” – Hayley M., Trustpilot (See all reviews)

8. Brook There

Best For | Women’s undies

Natural Materials | GOTS-certified organic cottonPrice Range | $–$$Size Range | 32AB–38CD; XS–XXL

Brook There is a thoughtful apparel brand for everyday undergarments and minimalist basics. The durable and super-soft lingerie is designed, cut, and sewn in the USA from GOTS-certified organic cotton, including some sets with gorgeous silk trims. It’s all shipped in eco-friendly packaging which avoids single-use plastic. If you’re looking for sustainable lingerie that is good for you and the planet, shop here.

Brook There Review | “…Brook There’s bralettes definitely rank high on comfort for me. The organic cotton fabric is soft, the elastic offers some support without being constricting, and one feature that I really love is that there is no clasp!” – Elizabeth Joy, Conscious Life & Style (Read the full review)


9. TomboyX

Best For | Size and gender inclusive intimatesNatural Materials | OEKO-TEX certified organic cottonPrice Range | $–$$Size Range | 3XS–6X

TomboyX is dedicated to crafting intimates and undergarments that any body feels comfortable and confident in, no matter size or gender. Their extensive collection includes underwear in all cuts (including period underwear), bras, swimwear, active apparel and loungewear and it’s all sustainable! With fabrics like OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ modal and recycled textiles, each piece is guaranteed safe, responsible, and high quality. And it doesn’t stop there–TomboyX is committed to working with WRAP and Fair Labor certified facilities to ensure workers receive fair and competitive wages. Ready to get on board? You’ll receive your order in sustainable biodegradable packaging!

TomboyX Review | “These just arrived today and I am wearing them to sleep in. They’re so light, comfortable, and breathable. I like that they’re slightly looser than other styles of boyshorts/boxer briefs. No issues with band or seams. I’m normally a medium in other underwear brands, but I checked the size chart and opted for smalls. Perfect fit. Yay! More colors please!” -@ramalina_menziesii (See all reviews)

10. Industry of all Nations

Best For | Naturally dyed garments & denimNatural Materials | 100% organic cottonPrice Range | $$$–$$$$Size Range | XXS–XXL (US 0–18)

Industry of all Nations recognizes the disastrous effects that poor manufacturing decisions can have on our environment. This is why their mission is not only to produce clean and sustainable clothing items, but to invest in clean and sustainable industries as a whole. The brand does this by employing artisans, honoring heritage techniques, making products at the source of the raw materials, paying fair wages, using natural materials and dyes, and finally free repairs and re-dying of clothing! Their organic cotton shirts are completely pesticide-free, non-GMO, and come in a variety of vibrant, natural dyes. Clean, safe, and sustainable.

Industry Of All Nations Review | “This brand lives their values, while also creating an amazing product. I have three of their alpaca sweaters and for the second winter in a row they are my go-to sweaters when the temp dips below 40. They never have a sale, so don’t wait for one. The products are covetable enough to want at full price, and the prices are fair. Check them out — highly recommend for those who value sustainable, well made products made by people who are paid a fair wage.” – Megan T., ThingTesting (See all reviews)

11. Patagonia

Best For | Fair trade outdoor wear

Natural Materials | 100% virgin organic cotton, transitional organic cotton, regenerative organic certified cotton, recycled cotton

Price Range | $$–$$$Size Range | XXS–2XL

Patagonia, one of the leading changemakers of environmental ethics in the clothing industry, dedicated to using only 100% virgin organic cotton in all their products going back to 1996. The brand uses four types of cotton in their products including recycled cotton, organically farmed cotton, cotton that’s grown with organic practices and that’s on its way to becoming certified, and organic cotton using regenerative practices. We admire Patagonia for its pioneering impact, its fair trade factories, its preloved Worn Wear collection, and eco-friendly apparel for all.

Patagonia Review | “I got this sweatshirt to replace an old LW crew neck that had ripped. ItIts hard to find full cotton sweatshirts these days, especially organic cotton, so this was a great find and I wasnt disappointed. Normally I would get a medium for T shirts and Long Sleeve, however I went with a small as this was more of a loose fit and I did not regret it. Fits perfectly. Its great for about 58°- 68° days and breathes well for cotton. Definitely will try to get another one since there are so may times I want to wear it!” – Jacob (See all reviews)

12. Harvest & Mill

Best For | Adult loungewear, socks

Natural Materials | USA Grown Organic Cotton

Price Range | $$Size Range | S–XL

Harvest & Mill has spent the last decade building a truly sustainable brand. Based in Berkeley, the brand uses only organic cotton grown in the US for its apparel, which are each sewn in the Bay Area. That means its production has significantly fewer emissions, less energy and water use, and a shorter supply chain. The pieces themselves are perfect for lazy weekends and WFH days — from organic joggers and sweatshirts for your desk to naturally dyed socks to snuggle up in on the couch. Organic, carbon-neutral, and an investment in American labor.

Harvest and Mill Review | “This delicate pair of socks is simple yet still feels luxurious. Made from the softest organically and locally grown cotton, the socks offer warmth and breathability at the same time. They slide onto my feet with ease and stay there throughout the day without slipping. This is thanks to the elastic band on the calf, which is gentle enough to not dig into my skin or leave any marks, but helps secure this soft piece of fabric to my foot.” –Jana Cholakovska, The Daily Beast (See all reviews)

13. Kowtow

Best For | Women’s knitwear & tops

Natural Materials | GOTS & OEKO-TEX organic cotton

Price Range | $$$$ (NZ$)Size Range | XXS–XXL

With Fair Trade Certified cotton fabrics and SA8000 certified ethical working conditions for employees, Kowtow is a high-quality fashion brand you can feel proud to wear. Kowtow never uses GMOs, retains water efficiently, and conserves soil through crop rotation, creating an earth-friendly model for production. Plus, the brand ships in eco-friendly packaging and has a take-back program for circularity. With two stores in New Zealand, Kowtow offers multi-regional shopping (and shipping)!

Kowtow Review | “I love this shirt! It looks great on, I get lots of compliments. Seems well made and I love the cotton fabric. Is large fitting but an oversized look.” – Nette S. (See all reviews)

14. Beaumont Organic

Best For | Contemporary women’s wear

Natural Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton

Price Range | ££££Size Range | XS–L

Beaumont Organic specializes in luxury casual pieces, most of which are made from 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton. The brand works exclusively with factories that are within the EU (Portugal and the UK), pays fair wages, and provides excellent working conditions for staff. Beaumont Organic introduces two collections a year (as well as a pre-loved collection with discounted prices). It also delivers worldwide in recyclable packaging, with free local shipping on orders over £75.

Beaumont Review | “Some of my favourite, best quality and longest lasting clothes come from Beaumont Organic. Always great customer service.” – Anonymous, Trustedshops (See all reviews)

15. Bibico

Best For | Women’s knitwear

Natural Materials | Organic cottonPrice Range | ££Size Range | S–L (UK 8–16)

Bibico, a UK apparel brand, creates fuss-free, well-made garments with 100 percent natural materials. With a back-to-basics and slow fashion approach, this brand focuses on creating timeless, organic pieces. We especially love the oversized shirt dresses and cozy knitwear. Bibico partners with women’s coops that are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. Order from anywhere in the world!

Bibico Review | “Love! This is the denim shirt I have been waiting for – thick denim, beautiful gathers at the back and pretty full sleeves. Great for layering due to its slightly cropped length. This will be a wardrobe staple for years to come!” – Rebecca (See all reviews)

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