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Gratitude is a universally transformative practice. It often stems from deep presence and acceptance for what is, and can be as simple as observing what we have at the very moment. Being appreciative of where we are and what we have leaves space that invites good things to come, while opening the awareness to the beauty that already enriches us.

We find that sitting down with a cup of tea and allowing all our senses to be enhanced by this simple ritual is a wonderful way to be present and embrace the now. We appreciate the gift of herbal support that fills our cups and the very moment in time. That feeling of gratitude inevitably extends out to the company that surrounds us – our families, our friends, and this herbal community.

Below you will find herbs we are leaning on this month to foster gratitude as we actively embrace this practice.


The past, the present, and the future are to be found in the essence of each moment of our lives. Their separation is an illusion that we enact upon ourselves and the world around us - but reconnecting with nature can return us to wholeness. This multi-dimensional healing occurs through the senses of sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. Michael Isted


ROSEMARY – When we remember all that we have been given, rather than what we don’t have or are yet to achieve, we may access a deep well of gratitude. “Rosemary for remembrance” is a good phrase to help recall this timeless wisdom.

REISHI – This uniquely revered mushroom teaches us the value of a calm, collected spirit or shen. Encouraging steadiness and groundedness, reishi helps us remember that herbs are gifts to be grateful for: harvesting just what we need when we find reishi mushroom in abundance is a practice in mindful gratitude, to be sure.

GINKGO – Mental clarity and focus give gratitude a leg up, allowing you to mentally center all that you are thankful for and put aside worries and disappointments. Ginkgo aids this process, promoting clear thinking and concentration in the midst of a “monkey mind.”

HAWTHORN – When the heart is brought into balance, it is more able to be in a state of unconditional appreciation and openness. Hawthorn does just this, soothing and supporting both the physiological and the emotional heart and opening it to gratitude.

Our plant allies offer us a reminder that there is always so much to be thankful for, don’t you agree?

Jane and Amber


& the Herbal Academy team

In collaboration with Herbal Academy

With Love,

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach


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