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Gaultheria wintergreen Oil for joint pain

Gautheria essential oil

Ah, sweet relief!

Gaultheria essential oil is like a superhero for back pain.

It packs a magical ingredient called methyl salicylate, which zaps inflammation and pain in a flash.

Relieve your joint and muscular pains with our gaultheria wintergreen oil. Enjoy the multiple uses and benefits it offers, such as reducing swelling and inflammation.

It is no surprise that we all enjoy different kinds of essential oils in our lives. In fact, aromatherapy has been known to man for several centuries. Right around the circle, it is in the news amidst all the buzz for all the right reasons.

Concentrated plant-based oils are being widely used for several health ailments all the way from headaches, soothing bathes, respiratory issues, anxiety, insomnia, immune development, stress, etc. People choose their favorite essential oil from a wide range of options including from lavender, tea tree, peppermint, bergamot and so on.

Today, let’s talk about an unspoken essential oil called Gaultheria oil.

Gaultheria oil is also known as Wintergreen essential oil. It is one of the two plants in the world that contains ‘methyl salicylate’. It is the chemical behind the strong soothing properties of Gaultheria Oil.

Gaultheria (Wintergreen) oil, like the name suggests is the oil extracted from Gaultheria (Wintergreen) herb. There are two species of Wintergreen, namely Gaultheria procumbens and Gaultheria fragrantissima. The former is native to North America while the latter is indigenous to Asia and India.

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While all essential oils claim to provide some kind of medicinal benefit, and rightfully so, they do, Gaultheria oil has unique benefits of its own. As mentioned above, it is because it is abundant with a chemical called ‘methyl salicylate’. Let us now look at what benefits Gaultheria oil has to provide. EFFECTIVE PAIN KILLER The chemical methyl salicylate is closely related to aspirin which is a world-famous pain killer medicine. When you apply Gaultheria oil topically, it results in an action similar to that of aspirin making Gaultheria a highly effective pain killer.

We know! You’re probably thinking how gaultheria oil is any different since pain killing properties are present in several other essential oils. But remember that aspirin is such a widely used drug for a reason and no natural compound ever comes close to it, except Gaultheria. Try it for yourself and see how effectively Gaultheria oil can tackle your pain.

EXTREMELY STRONG Did you know that it takes about one ton of leaves to produce half a liter of Gaultheria oil? A careful process of steam distillation is done to yield the precious liquid from Gaultheria leaves. It is so potent that just a few drops go a long way. It has a crisp aroma and gives a chilly sensation when applied to your skin.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Gaultheria is a popular remedy for inflammation and helps in the treatment of sprains, cramps and other muscular ailments. It is also a widely used ingredient in topical NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Apart from these, Gaultheria oil is also used to relieve symptoms of cold, nasal congestion, relieve stress, ease the pain of menstrual cramps, relieving headaches and much more.

To use this oil, mix a few drops with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba, and give your sore back a soothing rubdown. Or, just add some drops to your bath and soak in the goodness. But remember, this oil is potent, so it's better to dilute it before use.

And don't forget to give your back some love by fixing the root cause of the pain. Straighten up that posture, get moving with some exercise, and treat yourself to comfy furniture. If all else fails, a doctor's visit never hurts. Combine these habits with gaultheria essential oil for a pain-free life!


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