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Updated: May 27, 2023

Our preparations for this month's specials focused on the heart because everything we want to heal and transform connects to our hearts. We decided to concentrate on gem essences to clear dense energy, heal old wounds, and open our heart chakra. Living more heart-centered makes feeling safe, peaceful, and connected to inner guidance easier.

Unaddressed emotional pain can lead to being triggered and reacting in ways we wish we hadn't. We may build protective walls around our hearts with the hope of never getting hurt again, but these walls prevent us from being our true selves with others. Our defense and coping mechanisms can make our most meaningful relationships challenging, causing us to feel lonely, disconnected, and as if we don't belong. In some cases, we may avoid any relationship at all. Transforming fear and pain from the heart can lead us back to our truest destiny.

Fortunately, we will continually encounter new situations and relationships to reveal what we need to mend, making heart-healing part of a lifelong journey. The gem elixirs we feature this month will help us heal and release old emotional pain. They cleanse and strengthen our heart chakra to maintain an inner haven of safety where we can access limitless spiritual guidance and support.

These six Gem Elixirs are On Sale through May 31st: Amazonite * Montana Rhodochrosite * Rose Quartz * Green Tourmaline * Kunzite * Blue Green Tourmaline 1/4-oz stock $8.50 (regular $11) 1-oz stock $12.50 (regular $16) Buy all six essences in one click! And receive them in a sturdy and attractive kit box.

Amazonite - improving the Heart's flow of emotional communication Amazonite is helpful when we feel burdened and defeated by a backlog of unprocessed emotions we don't know how to process. This essence works with the heart to release emotional congestion in our hearts and emotional energy bodies. It helps us build emotional strength through a joyful cleansing of old emotional burdens so we feel lighter and able to communicate more easily with others.

Montana Rhodochrosite - creating safety within the Heart Montana Rhodochrosite is helpful when we feel unsafe and cope with a wounded heart by closing down or escaping into our heads. It helps us receive trustworthy and nourishing love from the Earth, release our pain and suffering into the Earth, and open our hearts again with the trust that love will always be present. The support of this essence goes beyond the uncomfortable stories and painful details of our lives. It reconnects us with the openhearted trust we had as children, providing a sense of calm and safety that makes it easier to be in a relationship again after a painful loss or separation. It encourages us to believe in our capacity to give and receive love and to find the courage to ask for what we want and need in our relationships.

Rose Quartz - opening energy flows to and through the Heart The primary gift of Rose Quartz essence is to strengthen and stabilize our hearts to allow more love into our lives. It gently clears the heart of protective and defensive energies to increase the flow of loving energy, making the old defenses unnecessary. Rose Quartz is helpful for any adult or child who did not receive enough childhood nurturing. When our inner child does not receive the attention and nurturing it needs, our hearts can close down, making creating and maintaining intimate connections with others challenging. Rose Quartz helps us provide love and nurturing to our inner child by surrounding us with a constant vibration of love, protection, and a deep trust that all will be well.

Green Tourmaline - creating Heart-centered connections with others Green Tourmaline encourages an openhearted approach when fear or low self-esteem blocks intimate, heart-centered connections. It brings stability and support to new heart-centered relationships with people, animals, and nature by stimulating and relaxing the base chakra while facilitating grounding and simultaneously offering gentle and constant support for the heart. It expands our capacity to continually give and receive love by helping us be present with our heart connections. Green Tourmaline is especially helpful when intense feelings of love from an initial encounter bring up fears and feelings of low self-esteem that prevent us from forming a deep, loving relationship. It helps us release doubts and fears to create a clear and stable place in our hearts to stay present and able to address whatever comes up as our loving connections intensify.

Kunziteopening the Heart to an awareness and experience of angelic love Kunzite opens us to a more profound level of angelic love, an essential part of the support matrix we require to live a heart-centered life. When pain and suffering from the past close our hearts to the world, others, or even aspects of ourselves, it helps us reestablish a quality of purity. As we see ourselves through the eyes of angels, without judgment or condemnation, we can overcome the guilt and embarrassment associated with past actions. It doesn't matter what happened in the past or what is or isn't present in our hearts; what matters is reestablishing a loving connection with ourselves and the angels. Kunzite also increases the transparency of the heart. As we receive divine love, barriers fall, and we become openhearted around others, allowing even more love to flow.

Blue Green Tourmaline - clearing, expanding, and aligning the Heart chakra with the higher self. This gem essence is helpful when distracted or suffering from excess mental energy, as it opens the downward flow of energy from the sixth chakra (third eye) to the fourth chakra (heart) and into the Earth. It helps align our thoughts with our hearts and the Earth and the energy behind our speech with the words we choose to express ourselves. When it seems we don't have space in our hearts for anyone else, it breaks up and clears away old, ingrained patterns of fear and resistance to make room for others. While breaking these patterns can be painful and exhausting, we will emerge stronger and more able to radiate our inner beauty and light into the world. A vital essence for our current times, this gem gives us the strength and courage to transform inner turbulence without losing our grounding and inner peace so we can contribute to peace on the planet. And it helps us fearlessly open our hearts to take up our rightful space on the Earth, softly, with clarity and grace, purity and strength, and without pushing others away. More Gem Elixirs for Heart-Centered Living

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