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Herbal Academy’s Five Hours of Energy Boost (a.k.a Brain Juice Tincture)

Losing an hour of sleep may seem like a small loss in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes, just an hour, has big effects on our mind and bodies. You see, our bodies like to follow a rhythmic schedule and changes to our internal clocks can bring on fatigue and drain our creative juices. 

We turn to our herbal allies for much support, and cases of drowsiness are no exception. This unique energy blend helps to improve mental clarity, reduce fatigue, and even spark that brainpower you need to get through a busy week at work (any entrepreneurs here?) - or at home.

Bottling this recipe up as a tincture is a perfect on-the-go solution for busy schedules. A dropperful in your sparkling water, tea, juice, or just straight down the hatch, will have you feeling ready to conquer the day in no time. Get ready to make and save this brain juice tincture and never leave home without it!

Please note: do not use this formula if you are taking other stimulants or on cardiac medication. This recipe may also disrupt sleep if taken late in the day.


• 4 parts rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) leaf

• 2 parts Chinese white ginseng (Panax ginseng) root

• 2 parts yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) leaf

• 2 parts eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) root

• Use a dried herb to menstruum ratio of 1:5, with 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof spirits). 


For those who like to work in absolutes, here is an exact recipe to follow: 

• 1 part = 10 grams

• 4 parts rosemary = 40 grams

• 2 parts ginseng = 20 grams

• 2 parts yerba mate = 20 grams

• 2 parts eleuthero = 20 grams

• 10 parts total = 100 grams of dried herb total

• 1:5 ratio is dried herb by weight:menstruum by volume

• 100 grams:500 mls

• 100 grams of dried herb:500 ml of menstruum (80 proof spirits)


1 Prior to tincturing, strip the leaf from the stem if using fresh rosemary and use a cloth and mallet to break up the Chinese white ginseng.

2 Fill a 32 ounce quart jar with all herbs. Cover the herbs in alcohol. Place wax paper, lid, and label the jar with all ingredients and date. 

3 Allow it macerate for 4-6 weeks before straining.

4 Then use a fine mesh strainer and cheesecloth to strain out the liquid. Bottle it up in amber glass bottles and label – enjoy! 


Don’t have 4 weeks to wait? Try this quick and easy tea variation if you need more urgent support following the Daylight Savings shift!

• Make a batch of tea by blending together the parts outlined above, using either weight or volume of dried herbs.

• When making a single serving, use 2 tsp per 8 ounces of water. 

Rosemary is a circulatory stimulating herb that supports memory recall and cognition. Combined with Chinese white ginseng and eleuthero, both adaptogenic herbs that can help inspire stamina, and yerba mate for a slight caffeine boost, this supercharge recipe will help pull you out of feelings of fatigue and sluggishness! 

How interesting was it to explore these same ingredients in these three formulas? If you’re keen on sharpening your formulation skills, and learning how to craft your own effective and safe herbal recipes, we invite you to join us in our Mastering Herbal Formulation Course – it’s $50 off as part of our Massive Business-Themed Course Sale!


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