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How to protect the skin from sudden temperature changes

You may have ever noticed that your skin lost elasticity, became irritated or dried out with a sudden change in temperature. Don't worry, it is totally normal and below we are going to give you some basic tips to protect your skin from sudden changes in temperature and not feel those annoying sensations again.

7 keys to protect the skin from sudden changes in temperature

The first thing we must do is know our skin and its reactions. We must not forget that the skin is continually exposed to pollutants such as pollution, gases, smoke, cleaning products,... and also to wind, sun and sudden weather changes that affect us to a great extent.

High temperatures and humidity cause it to lose elasticity, while low temperatures dry out our skin and make it more prone to irritation.

1. Feed your skin from the inside and from the outsidewith healthy and varied food and natural creams that provide what each part of your body needs at all times.The face and neck are the most delicate and exposed areas at the same time, and we must hydrate them in the morning and at night (we do not recommend more applications so as not to accustom the skin, but if it is something punctually you can apply cream whenever your skin demands it).

2. The hands are also very exposed not only in winter, but even the feet in summer. Always carry a moisturizing hand cream with you to apply when you see it necessary, especially after using a hydroalcoholic gel that dries out the skin a lot.Mists are also very useful to hydrate your face and eyes when they are tired or to cool you down if you are hot. Of course, make sure that the products you use are of good quality, since otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect and dry out or irritate the skin more.

3. To clean your skin, whether it is hand soap, dish detergent or your daily shower gel and shampoo, opt for natural products that respect the pH of your skin and that they are free of chemical or excessively strong substances.We do not want them to remove all the oil from our skin since they dry it out and leave us without protection. Choose natural soaps with cold-pressed butter or vegetable oils, aloe vera...

4. If you see that your skin has some abnormality and it does not go away in a few days using more of your usual cream, it is time to apply a different cream, at least until for your skin to return to normal. Make sure you apply a cream appropriate for the abnormality you want to treat.Sensitive skin will appreciate slightly greasy emollient ingredients such as oils and butters. Especially those that contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Its function is to keep the skin soft and hydrated and reduce itching. Our reparative butter It's ideal.

5. Make sure your body has all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. There are times of the year when we know that our defenses are lower or that we may lack some vitamins.If we have a deficiency, we can make up for it with a good diet or, in the case of vitamin D, by spending time in the sun at safe times (always avoid the middle of the day and use sunscreen in the most vulnerable areas). delicate areas such as the neckline, face, neck and crown). If that is not enough, there are high-quality dietary supplements that can help you.

6. Avoid sudden changes in temperature whenever it is in your hands. An example is not standing in front of the air conditioner as soon as you arrive somewhere until you are cold, or sticking your head into the refrigerator, or standing too close to it. the heating when you come from the street.

7. Lastly, but most importantly: Try to have relaxing routines during your day such as conscious breathing, meditation, yoga, practicing a sport that you like, listen to music that makes you feel good or make plans with the people you love...It is important to avoid stress, fatigue due to lack of sleep and environmental pollution as much as possible, but above all it is important that you are happy, since your skin will show it.

We are now entering the change of season and we hope that these tips can help you protect your skin from sudden changes in temperature.

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