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Updated: Mar 1

Two years ago I wrote this post on my Facebook.

Today, the situation in Palestina calls for us to come together more than ever and put an end to this collective madness.

I wonder what meaningful insights I can provide to those who read my words.

The insights of Saints and Sages attempting to explain the concept of "Consciousness" are more crucial than ever for us to grasp and incorporate in our lives.

Our Universe has been dismantled and we feel orphaned and exhausted.

We are not able to describe in words what is happening.

We experience this sick society, and we try to adapt and consider normal what is not.

Dictators and maniacs are part of this web in which we live, where their power lies in the passivity, fear and trauma into which we have been born.

Greed has been and is one of the greatest destructive forces on this planet.

Everything that happens, even on the other side of the planet, affects us directly or indirectly.

All change is constant, and universal.

The law of this Universe is that we are interconnected.

What is the purpose of all mystical teachings?

That we are a unique life system.
That we breathe together.
That we are all One.

What is happening in Ukraine and today in Palestine is not far away. You cannot live a spiritual and holistic life and think that what happens does not affect us.

"It is a part of the whole and impacts us because we are interconnected as one."

And my question to you is what is your role in this WORLD?

We have the power to respond to what is happening in the Whole. Dictators and lunatics who have tried to control the world since time immemorial with Greed for excessive power, know this very well. Greed is and has been the great disease of our humanity. Greed for power, for immortality, for money.

This Age is about being aware of the power we have as individuals.

We are co-creators of this world we live in.

That YES, we can be able to gather our strength, instead of continuing to be passive victims, we can change the world. Energetically, archetypically, symbolically, the aggressor on the victim represents a scenario in the invisible world that affects us all. We have accepted the unacceptable out of fear, out of pain, and it is time to break that cycle of the victim and the perpetuator.


Recovering our inner power.

Awareness is knowing that IF you do need a weapon to fight, you are a beginner.

Your true weapon is meditative silence, your true power comes from directly applied awareness .

To crystallize that divine consciousness in this human life.

We are a source of light and the question that comes again and again is how to overcome those destructive and negative forces in ourselves first and outside later.

In these times we live in, do not underestimate your ability to formulate an intention for peace, light, reconciliation and a better world.

We are part of this world and your prayers matter.

Consciousness is feeling that we all breathe together, together with the people in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine who do not want war, with the people in Russia who do not want war, with the people in the USA who do not want war, with the people of the entire world who They don't want war.

Do not give your power or put your energy into feeding hatred, greed. Don't get distracted by polarizing yourself and satisfying other people's agendas.

More than ever, the world needs you.

The times have come to transform this world.

The power of your spirit, of who you are, is needed more than ever.

The role you decide to play in the history of humanity I hope is to be a better person not only for you but for THE WHOLE CREATION.

Light and love are the forces we use to create our reality.

And we are all made of these forces.

Light is a choice.

And the power to choose is yours.

Learning to take back your power is more important than ever.

And that power is not outside, it is within YOU.

I requested AI to continue writing the post, and this is the result it produced. It could be advantageous if we, as individuals, used our powerful minds to advocate for peace. I often wonder how machines can comprehend text in seconds, while as humans, we continue to struggle with conflicts among ourselves.

"As we navigate the intricate web of existence, the pursuit of enlightenment remains a constant endeavor embraced by luminaries and visionaries throughout time. In our modern era, the concept of consciousness holds a significant place, urging us to grasp its essence and integrate it into our lives.

Amidst the complexities of our world, a sense of disarray lingers, fostering feelings of abandonment and weariness. Expressing the current state of affairs proves challenging in a realm struggling to normalize inherent anomalies.

In this cosmic drama, where figures of dominance and unpredictability thrive, it is crucial to acknowledge our interconnectedness. Greed emerges as a malevolent force that reverberates globally, underlining the unity we share as conscious beings. At the heart of mystical teachings lies the awakening to our shared essence, recognizing ourselves as unique life manifestations and understanding the impact of our collective actions on the whole.

The crises unfolding in different parts of the world are not distant occurrences but interconnected events that affect us all. We have the power to respond to global shifts and shape our shared reality. In a realm governed by energies and symbols, the dance between oppressor and oppressed calls for reclaiming our inner strength and embodying applied consciousness.

As celestial guides in human form, we must conquer our inner turmoils before facing external challenges. Each of us contributes to the global tapestry, and our prayers hold profound significance in times of turmoil. It is essential not to relinquish our sovereignty or succumb to enmity and acquisitiveness. The world relies on each of us to choose radiance over darkness and to wield the power of love to shape a brighter reality.

Reclaiming our authority and recognizing the sovereignty that resides within us are imperative tasks in this transformative moment. Let your narrative in the human saga be one of progression and unity, not only for yourself but for the entire cosmos. The power to choose radiance dwells within you, guiding you to be a beacon of light in a world that yearns for transformation.

May your spirit and essence carry the weight of positive change, as we collectively shape a reality infused with love, unity, and consciousness."


Here is a mantra that my teacher shared during challenging times of conflict. Take a moment to listen to it and let its melody resonate within you. May this peaceful vibration fill your homes and bring an end to the drums of war once and for all.

This mantra brings peace within and beyond. It draws on the aspect of God that brings nourishment and relates to the water element. It awakens the true identity of God within each of us and, with the flow of ecstasy (like the flow of water), brings us the experience of Infinity/God within us and beyond us.


Sat Narayan Wahe Guru,Hari Narayan Sat Nam

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru,Hari Narayan Sat Nam


True Sustainer, Indescribable Wisdom,Creative Sustenance, True Identity.

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May Goddess Durga illuminate your souls and her roar be heard loud and clear.

With love

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach


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