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Movement , Key To Optimal Health

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

The Egyptians had a proverb

"Exercise is the sister of health".

In our western culture, sport or physical activity is taught in schools

from a very early age. But is this really what we need to be in balance

and have maximum vitality and energy?

From the point of view of Eastern philosophies, the type of physical

exercises that are recommended today are far from ideal.

Why do we need physical activity in the first place?

According to Charaka, author of the main Ayurvedic texts (ancestral

Hindu medicine) said:

"Physical exercise gives us agility, ability to work, firmness,

endurance in the face of hardship, elimination of impurities and

stimulation of the


The ideal is to balance the whole organism, body and mind.

Our physical body is a highly sophisticated system, but the truth is

that most of us have never really been taught how it works, let alone

the incredible potential that lies dormant within us waiting to be


Reconnecting with our physical body, getting in touch with that intimacy can be comforting, delightful and even extremely healing.

The Egyptians had a proverb: "Exercise is the sister of health".

But what kind of physical exercise were they talking about?

There are 2 types of exercise: external and internal. Swimming,

running, cycling, aerobics or going to the gym are all external exercises. They work on the physical body, muscles and joints. And while they affect the internal

organs internal organs by increasing the blood circulation, they do not

balance energetically, magnetically, or bioelectrically balance the subtle levels

of the body.

Yoga, Tai chi and Chi Gong are taught in Eastern medical systems to

balance the subtle levels of the body.

systems to balance the subtle energy fields of the body, and thus

improve internal improve the internal health of the organs and energy meridians of the body, mind and spirit.



And if I hear you saying "I don't like to exercise"... Think about what

you liked to do when you were a child. Did you dance, ride a bike, or

rock climb? Reconnect with your inner child, and you will see that it is

easier at first to incorporate physical exercise into your daily life.

Have fun!

You deserve a better life!

With gratitude

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach


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