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Our inner light

Our inner light originates from our heart as a natural state of innocence and pure consciousness. However, this glow can be dimmed by toxic habits and relationships, reducing it to a mere spark that never fades away.

The essence of the soul yearns for one thing – to recognize its reflection in another soul and experience unconditional love once more, reigniting the spark to transform into boundless radiance.

The radiant warmth emitted by this boundless light permeates every facet of our existence, casting illumination even into the shadows of our lives. It serves as a guiding beacon, leading us through life's intricate passages and reinforcing our interconnectedness with all living entities. As we allow this luminosity to shine forth, we embody hope and love, inspiring others to awaken their inner brilliance.

Just as the sun faithfully rises each day, we possess the innate capacity to transcend obstacles and radiate unwavering strength. Nurturing our inner light and embracing our authentic selves constitute a profound journey of self-exploration and metamorphosis. Let us all endeavor to ignite the flame within us, allowing it to radiate outward and envelop our world in the splendor of our shared luminosity.

There are pains that are carried in the heart and there is no way to get them out easily, learn to let go of the past or you will end up drowning your future... and also understand that lack of forgiveness only hurts those who cannot forgive.

Relationships are karmic and teach us what we need to heal in order to be able to

evolve. Love is not a relationship. And build relationships based on expectations and disappointments it distances us from the ultimate purpose of love, which is to heal the wound of separation. The restoration of the original movement of life.

And paradoxically when you think that your heart is completely broken, that not even you remember how to rebuild it, there in the midst of that pain, loneliness, and suffering you discover your true heart. And you discover that there is more love than you ever could imagine.

The true heart , the divine, the unbreakable.

YES, it is possible to rebirth . Don't lose faith. Because in what happened to you and the way in which that you survived is the pattern of your soul, its strength. An unbreakable strength that It brings you to infinite unity with your Creator.

By feeling and listening to the beating of our heart, we tune into the part of

us that is linked to the infinite and eternal. Our heart is a portal that

connects to Source, to Love. ~Guru Ratana


Take time during the day to feel your heartbeat or pulse with your hand.

right. Close your eyes and listen to the heartbeat.

You can do it at work, while traveling on the subway, etc...

Instead of connecting to your mobile phone, close your eyes and feel your own pulse/beats.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Reconnect with your divinity.

Experience your divine essence.

From emptiness to unity.

To fullness, to true infinite love.

To true liberation

here and now and forever.

Strength, it is possible.

Don't give up.

Love and blessings!

Love is my way, my prayer, my truth.

"There is much wisdom around us but there is no heart to feel it, there is no

brain to computerize it and there is no compassion to understand it.

Meditate, and take time in your day to connect and feed that sacred space in you that allows you to merge with the infinite."

With gratitude

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach





Health Coach

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