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"Spring Into Wellness: Embracing Holistic Health This April"

Updated: Apr 4

As April unfolds, bringing with it the promise of renewal and growth, it's the perfect time to focus on holistic health practices that nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits. This month, let's embark on a journey of growth and transformation, exploring a variety of wellness modalities that can help us bloom alongside the spring flowers. From mindfulness techniques that ground us in the present moment to natural remedies that harness the healing power of plants, our April content will guide you through integrating holistic health habits into your daily life.

Join us as we celebrate the season of renewal with a focus on comprehensive well-being, ensuring that this April is a time of flourishing health and vibrant energy.

Number 4: April

by Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and Kriya centre for Kundalini yoga in North London

The Karma of number 4 is doubt, confusion, hesitation and paralysis of the heart.

The Dharma of number 4 is inner awareness, trust, conscious choice, commitment, love and service.

We take things to heart. This is not a problem, its human. The question is not merely what can we do with all the things that we take to heart, but what to do with the state that our heart ends up in?

The heavy heart is not to be denied, avoided or repressed. It is a blessing awaiting transformation. Hesitation can be used as an opportunity to pause for breath and to be with your inner self, which is the true source of strength. Confusion is a chance to let go of control and trust. Paralysis is a small step away from crystallization of the diamond.

It is the truth of self that we feel each other’s pains and joys. It is the truth of the human heart to know the other’s experience from within ourselves.The heart even needs this to cultivate its latent potential. All these experiences are so that we can develop a big heart and a strong heart.Commitment to Humanity is a commitment to be human. And with this commitment we turn to prayers, to the breath, to service and to poetry. In this way we turn painful moments and memories into possibilities and opportunities. We make music out of life’s difficulties.

April is a month to take a reality check. As we have set up a program, or plan of action, and the year feels like it is in full swing, the tendency is to continue the outward expansion. However the soul calls you to stop and be sure you are not going it alone, and that you are not losing touch with the essence and original purpose. When your soul stands in the core of your commitment it is going to support you to keep up. In nature this is the inner contraction of the bud which sets the nucleus and seed of all that is to come.

Spiritual suggestions for the month:

– Pray.

– Donate to charity, and other acts of service

– Be in good company

– Relax into your heart (trust the God within) as you exhale

"Within your own mind, chart out a reasonable goal for yourself and take the steady steps to achieve that goal. This is a “Tortoise and the Rabbit” paradigm, so don’t get distracted by the fireworks going off around you. Number 4 requires us to stay the course, and not skip steps, even with the best of intentions. "Nam Hari Khalsa


The Solar Eclipse 8th April

The Solar Eclipse on the 8th of this month is instigating an upheaval of power structures that are not in alignment with the Aquarian Age. It is a seemingly slow process, however, we can have the greatest benefit of this shift in our own lives by recognizing where we have been giving our power away. This most often occurs in our relationships, so by noticing where the pinch is and then having a conscious dialogue about it can ward off a pattern of entrapment by convenience.

It takes energy to break free, and energy combined with consciousness is the new dynamic-duo of liberating one’s own self from the chains of codependence.

The roots of codependence in part come from childhood programming that makes you feel as if you can’t receive love or approval by just being your simple original self. Love is conditional, as in, “Behave this way, or you’re on your own kid.” When we own our own heart, we own our original self and the joy connected to our purity and innocence.


Self-nurturing Effect

This is the month for the new Spring garden, exercise routine, teaching or taking a class, or any endeavor that has a self-nurturing effect. Self-nurturing is a way to create balance in your life, and self-balance is one of the cornerstones of health and healing.

As we embrace the arrival of Spring, it is the perfect time to focus on activities that promote growth and renewal. Whether you are tending to a new garden, starting an exercise routine, diving into a new course of study, or dedicating time to teaching others, each of these endeavors can have a profound self-nurturing effect. By prioritizing self-nurturing practices, we are actively cultivating a sense of harmony and equilibrium within ourselves. This equilibrium is essential as it forms the foundation for both our physical health and emotional well-being. Embrace this season of growth and transformation, and remember to nurture yourself as you nurture the world around you.



For many of us, the spiritual and emotional growth journey can be filled with ups and downs. We work through our mental and emotional layers and become more authentic, connecting with and feeling our inherent well-being. But then something happens in our life or the world, throwing us off course and leaving us feeling scattered, unsupported, and weighed down. This upheaval reveals more layers that need to be seen and healed, and as the layers rise to the surface, some of us begin to question the purpose and meaning of life. Those who feel and think deeply or are highly sensitive and empathic may wonder why they are here and what their contribution can be to a world seemingly filled with inequality, chaos, noise, and meaningless activity.

Are you looking for wisdom to unlock the mystery of your life path? Are you wondering about your life purpose? You're not alone! Fortunately, Nature holds the answers to questions like these. Nature's intelligence creates and holds space for us to explore our experiences and why we are here. The natural world provides profound healing and support, calling us to trust our inner guidance and direction. Even when we feel disheartened, we can call on Nature's support to help us move through the ups and downs of life. This support allows us to embody the strength of our true core, where our authentic selves feel connected to this world and know that we belong here.

This month's essence selection can help you embody your soul's purpose, find peace, and feel at home on Earth. They offer strength so we can stand firm in our alignment, attract what is for our highest good, and be receptive to support that arrives in unexpected ways. The essences also teach us to open ourselves to the beauty of this planet and remind us of the importance of play and experiencing joy.

Shooting Star flower essence is helpful when we don’t feel we belong on the Earth, feel unsupported while being here, and are homesick for a place we cannot identify. It helps to develop a clear sense of purpose on Earth and a practical understanding of how to fulfill that purpose. Shooting Star strengthens our innate ability to connect with levels of guidance and information to understand the larger context of our situation on Earth. An immense amount of loving support is available to assist each of us during our sojourn on Earth, and the essence of Shooting Star helps us connect with that support in ever-increasing ways.

Green Jasper gem elixir strengthens our connection to the earth, increasing our vitality and the healthy expression of earthly sensuality. It opens the first chakra and the chakras in our feet to allow loving and gentle earth energy to flow upwards and envelop the heart. In the presence of this energy, we can discharge excesses of nervous energy, making it easier to relax. Green Jasper is especially helpful when work and responsibilities weigh us down and we are not enjoying life. It reminds us that we can feel uplifted and joyful regardless of where we are or what we are doing and encourages us to open again to the healing power of fun, play, and celebration.


An Herbal Formula for Emotional Self-Care

An Herbal Formula for Emotional Self-Care

Emotional self-care can become a regular part of your routine and these herbs are a great place to start. Using linden, hawthorn, and tulsi, you can experience the heart relaxant, protectant, and exhilarant subtleties all at once. As touch is an important aspect of our humanness, these herbs can feel like a gentle hug to support your emotional well-being throughout your days.

Spiritual Heart Infusion


1 tablespoon of linden (Tilia spp.) flowers and bracts

1 tablespoon of hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) leaf, flower, and berries

1 tablespoon of tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) leaf


  • Add 1 heaping tablespoon of each of the three herbs above into a quart-sized jar.

  • Pour just-boiled water over herbs, filling the jar.

  • Let the mixture sit for as little as 30 minutes or as long as an overnight infusion. The longer the infusion macerates, the stronger it will be.

  • When finished, strain and compost herbs, and sip throughout the day for a heart relaxing, exhilarating, and protective treat.

We can all use emotional self-care. We all deserve tenderness and the opportunity to focus on more than just the physical body but the emotional body as well. Herbs for emotional self-care can gift us the space for forgiveness, help us to let go of anger, find acceptance, and come back to the core of who we are. Aside from these pieces of emotional self-care, these herbs also taste and smell delicious! Enjoy!

A Mantra for Health Care

I am my own healer. I have a radiant voice within that guides me. I can make decisions for myself. I can rely on others as needed, but at my discretion. It is my body, my health, my balance, and my responsibility to make right choices for myself. Right choices include working with competent health-care professionals when necessary, allowing friends and family to help as needed, and, above all, being true to my beliefs, with the wisdom and willingness to change as part of the path of healing.

-Rosemary Gladstar

With Gratitude,

Gabriela Ana

Holistic Health Coach

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Gabriela Ana is a holistic health coach focused on empowering women worldwide. She emphasizes the mind-body-spirit connection for overall well-being through personalized plans including healthy habits, exercise, stress management, and holistic practices. Gabriela aims to support women in feeling their best and living fully, offering compassionate guidance throughout.


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