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Are you new to herbalism and wondering where to find the herbs you need to get going on your craft? Or perhaps you are looking for a new, wonderful place to buy your next batch of botanicals. Regardless of where you are on your herbal path, purchasing herbs and supplies for making botanical creations can sometimes be a challenge. After all, this is a special niche, and it can take a bit of research to find suppliers in your region/country who offer the supplies that fit your own needs best!

To give you a hand, we have pulled together a list of places to purchase herbs and supplies world-wide. This list is broken up by continent, and sometimes subdivided by country, to make it easier for you, no matter where you’re located, to find the herbs and suppliers that are closest to you.

When possible, we have divided the lists into specific types of supplies as well. We hope this list will help you to get started on gathering your herbs and supplies for herbal craft making! And if you have any favorite suppliers, farmers, or resources, feel free to contact us and let us know as we plan to update this post regularly.

Types of Herbs and Supplies

Our goal is to provide a list of businesses that offer bulk herbs, plants, herbal preparations, aromatherapy products, and other supplies for making herbal products. On some of the following lists, you will notice businesses organized by the types of supplies they offer.

If you are looking to order large batches of herbs and supplies, we have included some bulk herb suppliers that are worth looking into.

When you are looking for fresh herbs, the hunt narrows down quite a bit. While we recommend shopping locally when possible, it can be difficult depending on where you live. Some health foods stores, grocery stores, and local farmers markets or farms may be the best option to find great herbs grown fresh in your area! If sourcing fresh herbs locally isn’t an option, here are some of our favorite fresh herb suppliers that you can order from online.

For those of you interested in growing an herbal garden, you may be in the market to purchase live plants or seeds. If so, we’ve included a list of excellent online suppliers of herbal plants and seeds.

What about aromatherapy suppliers? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! When it comes down to sustainability and quality of essential oils, we’ve included some of our favorite brands. However, before purchasing any essential oils, please do your research and investigate each business in depth. If you need some guidance on how to buy essential oils that are of the best quality, visit our article, How To Choose High Quality Essential Oils.

If you’re looking for packaging so you can store your herbal preparations or make them look nice for gift giving, many of the businesses mentioned here offer packaging supplies alongside their other supplies and some are specific to packaging.

Before Purchasing Supplies

We also want to encourage you to research and investigate each business in depth before purchasing herbs or supplies from them to make sure they line up with your personal values and standards when it comes to purchasing herbs and supplies. The USDA Organic Integrity Database can be a helpful resource when it comes to finding organic botanicals and supplies. The Sustainable Herbs Project has a helpful list of questions consumers should consider when evaluating a company/purchase, including Fair Trade and Fair Wild certifications.

Sourcing Supplies – North America

United States

Bulk Herbs

Fresh Herbs

Live Plants & Seeds




Bulk Herbs



Live Plants & Seeds

Sourcing Supplies – Europe

United Kingdom





The Netherlands

Sourcing Supplies – Asia


Sourcing Supplies – Africa

Bulk Herbs


  • Bonpak – [Student recommended, Wholesale only]

  • Consol – [Student recommended]

Live Plants & Seeds

Sourcing Supplies – Australia & New Zealand

Bulk Herbs

Live Plants & Seeds


Again, we hope this list makes locating and purchasing herbs and supplies world-wide easier for you and that this is a helpful resource for you throughout your herbal studies and herbal practice.

Please keep in mind that the vendors shared here are not endorsed by the Herbal Academy. We have reviewed these suppliers to the best of our ability, but as we mentioned earlier, we recommend that you do your own research to determine if the supplier you are considering ordering from is a good fit for your needs!

If you know of any suppliers, farmers, or resources for any of the above locations, feel free to contact us and let us know as we plan to update this post regularly.

Take Your Herbal Studies To The Next Level

Join us for Back To School season here at the Herbal Academy. We would love to have you join us in one of our online herbal classes! No matter where you are on your herbal journey, we have a course that is a fit for you and your budget!

If you’re interested in taking your herbal studies to the next level, you can learn more about all of the online herbal courses we offer right here:

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