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What are the benefits of B12?

Combo Power! MVP-Duo Brings Bigger Benefits

Which well-known, essential vitamin took over a century to characterize fully scientifically, and is the subject of not one, but two different categories of Nobel Prizes? Why Vitamin B12 of course! Vitamin B12 is considered one of the most complex non protein compounds and is associated with Nobel Prize awards in both Medicine and Chemistry. The first B12-related Nobel Prize was awarded in 1934 in Medicine for successful treatment for pernicious anemia (a previously fatal condition that medical science says relates toB12 deficiency). The second award came over 30 years later in 1965 when Dr. Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her characterization of the molecular structure of vitamin B12.

More than 1 in 5 people have suboptimal (sometimes described as “marginal”) levels of vitamin B12 that may not be enough to meet their individual metabolic demand.1 Depending on the study design and the population, marginal vitamin B12 levels can be seen in much higher proportions, up to 80%!2 There are actually 4 distinct forms of vitamin B12, collectively called “cobalamins.” Cobalamin is a highly complex organometallic compound with a central cobalt ion that has been deemed “nature’s most beautiful co-factor.”3 The two most bioavailable and naturally occurring cobalamins are methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. These two are the true all-stars of the B12 molecule line up, both acting inside the cell but in different locations. Each has its own strengths in terms of overall benefit, but the real magic happens when the two are taken together like in Vimergy Liquid B12!


  • The most active and most bioavailable form of B12 found predominantly in the intracellular fluid (cytosol), other body fluids, and within the brain as it can cross the selective blood-brain barrier.

  • Superior cobalamin form for those with sluggish detoxification processes or methylation dysfunction. The “methyl” part of methylcobalamin is one of the most miraculous and important molecules in the body. From protecting our DNA to promoting detoxification, the body uses methyl groups for a variety of methylation process in the body.4 For example, methylation is one of the major pathways of detoxification used by the liver. Hindrances in this process can be concerning but using methylated nutrients like methylcobalamin (and others like methylated folate or MTHF) can help.

  • Acts in the cytosol to convert homocysteine (a potentially harmful compound) to methionine which is used to support the methylation processes needed for biosynthesis of neurotransmitters and counteract negative stress-induced behavioral and physiological adaptations.


  • The most prevalent form of vitamin B12 in humans, making up almost 70% of the body’s B12, and an important intracellular, co-enzyme form of vitamin B12 that concentrates inside the mitochondria of the cell.5

  • Uniquely equipped to enter the mitochondria where it provides substantial support and protection during the production of ATP for energy. Inadequate adenosylcobalamin levels can stress the mitochondria causing them to favor anaerobic functions over aerobic ones leading to elevations in lactic acid and other compounds such as uric acid that contribute to sluggish liver function and other destructive immune activation processes.6,7

  • Without adequate adenosylcobalamin, the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects many of our nerve fibers allows efficient communication and rapid response to environmental stimuli, degenerates and becomes dysfunctional. Lack of functional myelin means that communication and response within the nervous system happens at a more snail-like dial-up speed versus the lightning fast 5G.

Better Together:

  • Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin have related and complementary functions that they facilitate in different compartments of the cell. Given their spectrum of benefits, taking both forms of vitamin B12, as recommended by Medical Medium, Anthony William (who personally uses Vimergy Liquid B12 with both cobalamins) is the best means to provide the nutritional backbone our bodies need to perform optimally and maintain long term health. Combining their high-powered benefits and providing support for nerve cells, methylation processes, DNA health, mood, behavioral responses, and overall wellness, these two are the all-star MVPs of the vitally important cobalamins.

Vimergy Liquid B12 is an essential blend of these two powerful forms of B12. Both serve as an essential nutrient that impacts our overall health and wellness. Until recently, medical science believed the star of the cobalamins was the cyanocobalamin form. This form requires that the body remove and detoxify a molecule of cyanide to utilize the cobalamin part of the molecule in other vitamin B12 dependent processes. This of course means extra work and processing is required to make the vitamin B12 into a usable form. Vimergy Liquid Vitamin B12 takes this conversion out of the equation by providing a powerful formula containing both adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin for a full complement of vitamin B12 support for your body. Available in a highly absorbable and great tasting liquid, Vimergy Liquid B12 is a leader among B12 supplements providing straightforward nutrients for comprehensive, intracellular support for your head-to-toe health.

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