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Zodiac allegory

(Taken from “ Karmic Astrology” vol.1 – M.Schulmann ) It was early in the morning. God stood before his twelve sons and sowed in each of them a seed of human life. They approached him, one by one, to receive the gifts assigned to them.

"To you, Aries , I give my seed first, so that you have the honor of planting it on the ground. For every seed you plant you will reap thousands. You will be the first to penetrate the ground of the human mind with My Thought, but it is not your responsibility to maintain it, nor do you ask any questions about it. Your life consists of action and your only task is to start making people aware of My Creation. For the success of your mission, I give you the Esteem of Yourself". Calmly, Aries returned to his place.

«To you, Taurus , I give the power to make the seed bear fruit. Your work is of the utmost importance; it requires all your patience because you will have to finish what has been undertaken, otherwise you will see the seeds carried away by the wind. You will not have to doubt, or change your mind along the way, or depend on others for the work I assign you. For this I give you the strength. Use it wisely." And the Bull returned to his place.

«To you, Gemini , I give the unanswered questions so that you can give men mutual understanding. You will never know why they talk and listen, but in your search for the answer you will find my gift: Knowledge." And the Gemini returned to his place.

«To you, Cancer , I entrust the task of teaching emotions to men. I ask you to provoke their laughter and their tears, so that their life and their thoughts create fullness in their depths. For this I am giving you the Family, so that your fullness can make it prosperous». And Cancer returned to its place.

«To you, Leo , I give the task of showing the splendor of My Creation to the eyes of the world. But you must be wary of pride and always remember that it is My Creation, not yours. If you forget, men will despise you. You will find great joys in the mission I entrust to you if you carry it out perfectly. For this you must possess the gift of Honor». And the Lion returned to his place.

«To you, Virgin , I ask you to judge what man has made of My Creation. You must examine his behavior very carefully and remind him of his mistakes so that My Creation is accomplished through you. For this I give you the Purity of Spirit». And the Virgin returned to her place.

«To you, Libra , I entrust the mission of serving, so that man is attentive to his duties towards others. He must learn both to cooperate and to reflect on the other side of his actions. I will place you wherever discord reigns. To help you in your efforts, I give you Love». And Libra returned to its place.

«To you, Scorpio , I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the human soul, but I won't allow you to talk about what you will learn. You will often be sad to see how things really are and what will distract you from Me and make you forget that I am not the cause of your pain but the perversion of My Thought. You will penetrate the human soul so well that you will end up seeing man as a beast and in your heart you will fight so fiercely against this bestiality that you will go astray. But when you return to Me, Scorpio, I will keep for you the supreme gift of Determination". And Scorpio returned to his place.

« Sagittarius , I ask you to make men laugh because their incomprehension of My Thought makes them bitter. Thanks to laughter, you will have to give them the hope that will bring them back to Me. In this way you will touch very many souls, even if only for an instant, and each time you will experience restlessness. To you, Sagittarius, I give the infinite Abundance that you will be able to spread to the darkest corners to bring us light». And Sagittarius returned to his place.

«From you, Capricorn , I expect the sweat of your brow, because you will have to teach men to work. Your task is not easy because you will feel the toil of man weighing on your shoulders. So that you can bear the burden, I place the Responsibility of man in your hands". And Capricorn returned to his place.

«To you, Aquarius , I give the concept of the future so that man can go beyond his own limits. You will know the pain of loneliness because I do not authorize you to personalize My Love. But to open man's eyes to other perspectives, I give you Freedom. It will enable you to continue serving humanity whenever necessary." And Aquarius returned to his place.

“To you, Pisces , I give the hardest task of all. I ask you to take upon yourself every pain of man and deliver it to me. Your tears will have to become Mine. The sadness you will absorb is the result of man's misunderstanding of My Thought, but you will have to show compassion to him for him to try again. For this difficult task, I give you the most beautiful gift. You will be the only My child to Understand Me. But this gift of understanding is reserved for you alone, Pisces, because if you try to share it with the man, he won't want to listen to you." And Pisces returned to its place.

Then God said: "Each of you has a part of My Thought. You will not have to make a mistake in interpreting him or desire the gift of your brothers. Each of you is perfect, but you will only know that when you are One. Then My Thought in its entirety will be revealed to each one of you."

Once left to themselves, each son decided to put the gift received to good use, but none of the twelve understood either their duty or their gift.

When very embarrassed they returned to God, He said to them: «You all believe that the gift of the other is more precious than yours. So I permit you to exchange them.' And for an instant each son experienced ecstasy by proposing all the possibilities of his new mission. But God smiled and said, “You will come back to Me many times to ask Me to release you from your mission and each time I will grant your wish. You will go through a large number of incarnations before fulfilling the initial mission prescribed by Me for each one of you. I grant you an infinite time to absolve it, but you will be able to stay with Me only when this is accomplished».


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